Ansu Bhuyan

Ansu Bhuyan is a very talented and hard working player from Orissa, India. The great thing about him is that he works extremely hard every day. Being very young he has a great future ahead of him.

Jorge Cadona

Jorge Cadona is from Brisbane, Australia and has been working with us since August 2009. Jorge currently competes in Mens Futures events.

Zak Morland

Zak comes from the UK, and has been working with us since early 2009. As a top junior in his country, Zak needed a more intense training environment in order to progress and we are pleased he chose to work with us.

Lisa Vedrashko

Lisa Vedrashko comes from the Ukraine but lives in Fujairah, UAE. Lisa started working with us in May, 2009 and we feel she has a very bright future in tennis.

Jagadeesan Kumar

Jagadeesan Kumar is from Bangalore, India and has been training with us since early 2009. In October 2009 Jagadeesan won his first Mens title and reached a Mens final.

Prajnesh Gunneswaran

Prajnesh has been in our Annual Program since April 2007, and won his first ATP points at two ITF Mens Circuit $15,000 events in Irun, Spain, and New Delhi, India.

Rebeca Bou

Rebeca has won 3 ITF Womens Circuit singles titles in Sevilla, Tortosa and Sabadell, and reached the finals in Foggia and Mollerusa. She has also won several ITF Womens doubles events.

Sheila Solsona

Sheila won her first ITF Womens $10,000 Doubles title in Llerona, Spain in 2006, and has also reached ITF Womens Doubles finals in Naples, Davos, Lerida and Barcelona.

Ricard Tubert

Training in our Annual Program since September 2007, Ricard has won several Junior tournaments in Spain in various age categories including the prestigious Open Tous.

Georgia Kostandini

Georgia Kostandini was born in Albania but grew up in Greece. She speaks four languages and loves wild animals, music, playing the piano, drawing, reading and dancing.

Other players we work with

Some players with whom we have worked with in the past are listed below, as are players we work with from time to time, for example during holiday periods.

Sandhya Nagaraj, India – Akash Gujarati, India – Didac Llorenc, Spain – Dario Re Delgado, Spain – Robert Shawhan, USA – Natasha Stopolo, USA – Ankit Sachdeva, India – Marcos Giraldi, Argentina – Kaushik Raju, India – Karthik Raju, India – Pulkit Mishra, India – Venkatesh Yuvraj, India – Jagadeesan Kumar, India – Maral Khalili, Canada – Alex Metsatunyan, Australia – Akshitha Basavaraju, India – Marcis Vilcans, Latvia – Thomas and Michael Pieke, Great Britain – Imogen Magner, Great Britain – Nick Savage, USA – Ansu Kumar Bhuyan, India – Ben Davis, Great Britain – Advait Kirtane, India – Varun Gunaseelan, India – Zak Moreland, Great Britain – Senthil Kumar, India – Frol Aho, Finland – Yousaf Ajam, Pakistan – Linn Rui, Norway – Brian Gladson, India – Nelson Assis, Angola – Kesica Jayapalan, India – Veera Vasanth, India – Tom Mannings, Great Britain – Ruslan Sinyavskaya, Kazakhstan – Camille Verden-Anderson, Great Britain – Jorge Cadona, Australia

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